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Outsourcing: the future of international voice

International voice service has become commoditized. Success, measured by the contribution of significant gross profit, now depends on tremendous efficiencies that are derived from scale and sophisticated IP-based back office systems.

The challenges of international voice services can be difficult to overcome, even for large, incumbent carriers. They include

While it remains important to provide retail customers with high quality international service, most carriers will never have sufficient volume of international traffic to maintain a profitable international operation. iBasis offers a strategic solution -international voice outsourcing.

Uniquely positioned to deliver strategic outsourcing

With 24 billion minutes of international voice traffic in 2007, iBasis is one of the world's largest carriers of international voice traffic. As an outsourcing partner, iBasis offers

For a detailed look at outsourcing trends in international voice services, download the Capacity Yearbook 2008 article reprint: Outsourcing: what's next international voice services

Outsourcing: The Strategic Solution for Your International Voice Business (PDF)

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