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Prepaid calling card products for every market

iBasis offers a comprehensive portfolio of prepaid retail products for qualified distributors, retail merchants, and overseas carriers, including

Our prepaid calling services are built on our rock-solid technology, financial stability and reputation for quality. We offer comprehensive business support that includes pricing, rate deck and portfolio management, billing, authentication, product fulfillment, marketing, and customer service.

iBasis Retail Calling Cards

At iBasis, we make it easy for distributors to begin selling international and domestic retail calling card products:

Private Label Calling Cards

Large distributors and retailers can leverage the power and quality of the iBasis network with calling cards designed specifically for their companies and target markets. Overseas carriers can market familiar, branded services to expatriates in the U.S. and take advantage of our extensive network of distributors to capture voice traffic from the U.S. to their home countries. With iBasis private label calling cards, distributors, retailers, and carriers can

Point of Sale Activation (POSA)

Point of sale activation (POSA) eliminates the risks for distributors and retailers of purchasing and protecting inventories of pre-activated retail calling cards. With POSA, cards are activated in real time at checkout through an online transaction process. iBasis partners with leading point-of-sale providers to help retailers take advantage of POSA technology and offer iBasis Calling Cards to their customers.