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The cornerstones of a clear advantage

Today's telecommunications industry is a vast web of interconnected technologies. But the most important connection is the one between you and your customer. Consumers still value low cost and a clear signal when choosing a telecom provider. Our network provides the scale, efficiency, and innovation you need to deliver value to your customers.

Scale: reaching the markets that matter

Today, iBasis is one of the world's largest international voice carriers with unparalleled expertise in VoIP; Network Operations Centers in North America, Europe, and Asia; and a global network of direct routes and providers. Our scale ensures that you get cost-effective, high quality coverage worldwide through a single interconnection.

Efficiency: leveraging the lowest cost routes

The iBasis network identifies the most cost-effective routes based on real-time analysis of voice traffic loads, availability, and pricing. Core systems handle routing and pricing; automated billing; margin and revenue analysis; and call detail record (CDR) processing. Our efficiency helps you compete effectively and maximize the profitability of your international voice services.

Innovation: driving technology and business breakthroughs

iBasis is one of the true pioneers of voice over IP and one of the first carriers to deliver premium voice service over IP and IPX services. We continue to transform cutting-edge communication technologies into customer-focused solutions. iBasis developed its patented Assured Quality Routing® (AQR) and PathEngine™ technologies to deliver the ideal combination of call completion, feature support, and efficiency.