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Data and roaming: a hosted solution for fast deployment

The iBasis Mobile Matrix is a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services providing mobile operators with opportunities to expand their business and increase ARPU (Average Revenue per Unit).

Messaging Services (SMS Outbound and Hubbing)

iBasis SMS Interworking services include iBasis SMS Hubbing Service and SMS Outbound Service to enable mobile operators to exchange international messages without having to set up separate technical and commercial interconnect agreements. iBasis translates protocol variations and reconciles termination fees for seamless interconnection between different mobile networks.

SMS Hubbing Service

The GSMA Certified iBasis SMS Hubbing Service has been designed specifically for mobile operators to simplify their SMS Interworking services. iBasis SMS Hubbing Service offers safe and secure transport of SMS messages through one single connection. You don't have to negotiate multiple contracts with operators located all over the world. iBasis allows you to benefit from years of SMS expertise and existing Roaming Agreements. We provide two -way traffic with a large and expanding number of mobile operators (currently over 350!) and offer one-way termination to more than 600 international destinations. Access to the iBasis hub is available via an IP or SS7 connection compliant with all GSMA transparency specifications.

iBasis SMS Outbound Service

iBasis SMS Outbound Service offers safe and secure transport of SMS messages to more than 600 destination networks through one single connection, and offers access via IP with support for SMPP, UCP, FTTP or SMTP protocols. We also provide comprehensive support of various message types such as Binary, Cyrillic, Chinese characters, and USC2 unicode and spam control through real-time monitoring, black/white listing and content filtering.

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Global Mobile Signaling

The iBasis Global Mobile Signaling Service provides a one-stop worldwide signaling network infrastructure to carry mobile roaming messages and SMS, with

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GPRS Roaming eXchange (GRX)

iBasis' support for the latest IPX technology lets you connect your network to our GPRS Roaming eXchange to exchange IP traffic with the international mobile IP network and provide truly global data roaming services. The iBasis GRX service provides secure and reliable transport and predictable operational expenses.

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Roaming Integrator Service

The Roaming Integrator Service utilizes the resources of KPN Mobile to provide mobile operators with a single point of access to more than 500 roaming bilateral agreements, along with a standardized platform for quickly introducing new services such as SMS and advanced mobile data offerings.

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Hosted Roaming Solutions

The iBasis international network supports two SS7-based hosted services designed to reduce your time to market, investment costs, and platform management efforts: